Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ksubi, ksubi where for art thou ksubi?

  So is it just me or does 'Ksubi's ' summer collection seem to be incredibly mouth WATERING?!.I have noticed that ever since this collection has been available online I have been slowly accumulating bits and pieces.  But could you blame me? I think not. The 'Paradise' shirt in particular has been on my list of things to purchase for quite some time now. The print, colour and overall concept of this shirt conveys a strong sense of relaxation, something which I am glad to be doing this summer.Anywho,last week my friend and I planned on having a picnic, but due to to this ridiculous  heat we opted for something cooler and indoors instead. During this time we wondered to west-end and stopped by 'The Cupcake Parlour' where we picked up the two of most delicious cupcakes. I have to say that this is my new favourite place for cupcakes.  If ever you are in Brisbane I highly recommend visiting this place. 

Deciding where to go for lunch we discovered the cafe' The Burrow' away from the hustle and bustle of west-end it seemed like perfect place to be on a hot summers day. A place for shelter comfort and gourmet pizzas made us instant fans. Though I did not experience their gourmet pizza I did enjoy their veggie burger. 

I am wearing  Brixton Chapter Fedora- Hat, Paradise- Ksubi Shirt, Ben Sherman-Pants , Rings- Asos& Topman -loafers.

Photo's-Taylor & Tash

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  1. loved the outfit, scenery and yum yum that burger looked delish!