Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zebra on the LOOSE.

 Before you say anything. Yes , I do know that this shirt  screams out FLAMBOYANT. But hush.When I first saw this shirt I knew it had to be mine 'LOVE at first sight' some might say. The zebra print obviously got my attention, it seemed like nothing I've ever seen before , I would say it was uniquely different. So I thought why not, YOLO would be the perfect term to use at this time.  On the model it looked incredible and thought it would look the same on me, that obviously had changed when I tried it on.  As I opened up my parcel there it was.....I cringed , scratched my head a little and thought if I even chose the right shirt. I knew that maybe it would look different if i tried it on. But nope, it made me look as though I was ready for a night out to 'FLUFFY' ( gay club in brisbane) no offence. So even though my first impression was not what I expected there were pros for this shirt.  For instance there is plastic within the  collar that gave it structure at the ends of the collar, something which is hard to find with casual shirts like this. And the fact that it was a light weight fabric shows it's perfect for a  summers day.

However as time went by I thought I would give this little baby a chance.  I tried it on a couple of times and from then on it kinda grew on me. So here I am sharing with you this post.  Shirt was by aussie label orphn, bag- cambridge satchel  , loafers -TOPMAN  & cuff- Diesel . Hope you are all well.

photos- Taylor


  1. flamboyant's good!! I love this shirt and it looks great on you :-D

    Francesca xo

  2. Really loving this look, great shirt! And the title "Zebra on the loose" is fitting LOL


  3. This is one of the best zebra print patterns I've set my eyes upon. It's the right flamboyant! Looks awesome!!