Thursday, May 3, 2012

MBFW Australia.

    Lisa Ho
    Romance was Born
    Kym Ellery
 Aurelio Costarella
      Camilla Franks

     Magdelena Velevska

It's weeks like this that I am proud to classify myself as an aussie , even though Australia day was ages ago seeing the talent that australia had to offer was indeed an eyeopener. Magadalena Velevska mask's & Mr Aurelio Costarella head piece was by far the most RADDEST thing I have ever seen.  I can now say that I have found my hat's for the races......even though it is highly unlikely that I will be wearing it. Camilla on the other hand queen of kaftans  once again proves that an EXPLOSION of  colours and accessories is the best way to spend spring summer. As one can never have enough of both. So true! I could keep on writing another 1000 words about the many other collections, but seeing as it is 2:57 am friday I think its time I head to bed. Hope you are all had a FASH GASM  ( fash gasm = when one experiences  the feeling of  excitement after seeing devine fashion *made up word by myself*)  like  I did.

yours truly,
                     the boy with the BOWTIE! 



  1. Very impressed with the collections this year, so much colour and richness! Hope you enjoyed MBFWA.


    Micah x

  2. You should of came to Sydney and seen the shows in person!

    1. next year i shall grace MBFW with my presence.