Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let the pants do the TALKING!

 With colour blocking being a popular trend for the summer buying these shorts was an exceptional idea  for the season and for my wardrobe. Although it may be a trend ( colour blocking) I was gladly aware that I was bound for stare's. After all, seeing a guy in bright coloured shorts is something that you don't often see in the streets of Brisbane. On the other hand, paring something with such a bright piece is never an easy decision so making sure that I complimented the shorts without making my entire outfit overbearing was a key factor to choosing a tee.Scrummaging through my wardrobe I stumbled across this parisian inspired shirt purchased from cotton on and found it to be the perfect fit for the shorts.Bracelets from city beach were the perfect way  to add pop of colour to the wrist while also giving some tribal inspired designs to my outfit. The shoes from asos may not have been colourful or exciting but they did the job protecting my feet. Geek chic sunglasses from roger david were just added to this look for some nerdiness. Thoughts on this look? If so comment below! 

                    photo's- taylor

yours truly, 
                              the boy with the BOW TIE!


  1. Love your green short! Not very neon, not very pastel, the color is perfect!

    And wow i didnt know it will be as hard to do a banner haha so thank you so much!

    xoxo Lizzie

  2. You look amazing, love the colour of your shorts! The tee is awesome too. Great combination! :)

  3. you look great! I love your pants! :)

  4. really cool look! kinda vintage college beach. like it a lot!

  5. This is my first tie looking through your blog and i am in love. Your such a handsome gut, btw!
    I'm pleased to say i will be following this awesome blog!!