Sunday, February 12, 2012


                                                                        photography - Taylor

Taken from a park on a HOOOT sunday afternoon. I was finding it very hard to pose and keep my eyes open with the sun sitting right there in my face slowly blindly my precious eyes. Normally on days like this I would wear a nice tee but considering I have worn all shirts throughout the week I decided to  wear a thick  cotton pastel shirt.......OH DEAR...... what exactly was going through my head!!!? The sunnies that Im  wearing are nice and cheap from 'LE SPEC' and have not been put down since the day of purchase. Denim shorts are from wrangler and my beautiful JESUS sandals & watch are from the one and only......ASOS.  Any favourite pieces from this look? If so, comment below.

yours truly,
                                boy with the BOW TIE!


  1. looking good mister! love those sandals


  2. Amazing photos. Ahh, want to wear shorts again :(

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  4. Wow your so luckyyy wearing sandals and denim short!! Where do you live? In paris is so coooold!

    xoxo Lizzie

    1. thanx LIZZZIE :) i live in australia.