Monday, April 7, 2014

The Bearded Lady.

This is a story about an unconventional beauty, inspired by the regal figures seen in classical paintings combined with uncanny magical elements found in urban legends and myths of the Bearded Lady. Her beard is made entirely of flowers which change according to seasons.  Here we observe her in situ, as she sits on a chair in an almost meditative state, near a window with soft daylight falling over her face, as though she has not moved for years.  And yet seasons change around her.

Be sure to check out your local news agency to purchase a copy of this beautifull editorial featured in 'Lone Wolf Magazine'.

Photography- Katriena Emmanuel

Flower Artist- Alex Tanner

Stylist- Watisoni Lomani

Hair Stylist- Aleesha Darke

Make Up Artist- Alana Mevissen

Model- Gisele Pletzer

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