Saturday, December 28, 2013

Flowers are up in the air.

 Inspired by the song 'Fire in the Water - Feist' designer Krizelle Fundano creates a 6 piece collection around the idea of evolving and metamorphosis.

Just as the song progresses and builds towards the end so does her collection.Taking inspiration from flowers as well, and how they begin to bloom represents a girl growing up, blossoming into a woman.

Using wool and pina fabric throughout the collection Krizelle has carefully designed each piece/look to represent a stage of metamorphosis.

I was fortunate enough to be apart of this incredible project and style her look book.So be sure to remember  the name 'Izeefundano' because this lovely lady is bound for big and great things.

Thanks to the incredible team who were apart of this project.

Photography- Tomas Appleby
Designer- Krizelle Fundano
Assitant- Krizia Fundano
Model- Shelby Bourke
Hair & MUA- Yazzi Williams
Art Direction- Melissa Wimberely
Styling and Creative direction- Me.

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