Monday, December 17, 2012

Instagram # addictive

So at the end of last month I finally decided to get an i-phone as an early xmas gift to myself. Which then led me to downloading instagram immediately , ever since then it has slowly started to replace facebook. It's so ADDICTIVE! Anywho be sure to follow me myinstgram name is lomani__.

1.Doodling on a sunday night 2. Admiring the beauty of summer 3. Using my hunters as coffee table while cleanning 4. New blogg post 5. Walking through roma st parklands 6. Loving the new fragrance ad for balenciaga 7. Taking my happy socks out for a spin 8. One of the many beautiful pieces at GOMA 9.  Chilling with my babes hannah and Bonny 10. Gift for the wife I created 11. Wearing my paradise shirt by ksubi 12. Lunch date with nisha at grilld. 

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