Wednesday, August 8, 2012


 I've been wanting to do a post on this sweater that I got from topman ever since I got back from melbourne but I couldn't at the time think of what I could put this piece with, seeing as the polka dot pattern seemed to make a statement for itself. Luckily after  rummaging through my wardrobe I stumbled across this blazer- we rob banker and pants- GAP that I had in the similar colour. And VUALA!!! An OUTFITT was created. Now seeing as I had classes that day I didn't wanna look too dressed up, so to make this outfitt more casual I decided to wear my sandals (perfect for outfitts like this) which I'm sure you're all sick of seeing.


  1. I bought a poka dot button up the other day! Twinsies :)

  2. wow awesome. I dont knw a single guy who can rock polka dots just as u did... loved it!! Neat and dapper

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    ps.: I like the quality of your photos, the effects and your style! I wish I could see more men wearing polka dots!!!!

  4. I love your polka dot top !!!