Friday, August 31, 2012

Graduate of the Year!

What do men wearing Jeffrey Campbell platforms  and toy soliders made out of a head band have in common? Both were apart of two very talented designers collection.On wednesday Taylor and myself went along to the ' Australian Graduate of the Year Award' hosted by the treasury casino & hotel. Although we were inside the tent rather early it was nice people watching, observing what others wore and asking each other why some decided to wear their clubbing outfits to a fashion show?! I dont UNDERSTAND!!  Anywho , the show begun with the very talented S.I.T  graduate Anna Langdon.  With her quirky collection paying a hommage to  australia and her male models wearing some lovely jeffrey campbells it sure was attracting alot of attention.

 The first photo is one of the lovely pieces from anna's colletion, as soon as it's  presence graced the catwalk I knew instantly  that I need to have it!! So anna if you happen to be reading this right now I'm a size small in mens, thank you hehehe.   While there were many talented designers showcasing their collection one whom I can see great things happening in the future for was the lovely 'Carlie Waterman' again from S.I.T . With her collection showcasing an  eclectic mix of textures and mind blowing head pieces made by toy soliders I was indeed mesmorized by what this amazing and talented designer had showcased, I knew instantly that she was bound to win this. And she did, winning the prize of 5k waterman was the Australian fashion graduate of the year. Langdon was awarded highly recommended along with 'Whitehouse Graduate' Adrian Bressanutti. 

Out fitt post will be up soon.

1) Anna Langdon

2 & 3)Sally Edwards

4)  MBFF Brochure 

5) Anna Langdon

6) Above outfitt shot

7) Carlie Waterman

8) Tickets

9) Sally Edwards

10) Waterman and model

11) Adrian Bressanauti

12) Mid shot of outfitt. 


  1. This show looks amazing! I love going to graduate shows, they're usually the best because their works are generally so unique!