Friday, July 6, 2012

Let the collar do the talking!

After an entire week of miserable weather in brisbane and melbourne I was glad to see the sun come out after my arrival from melbourne.  When I left for melbourne  I was warned by many that melbourne has horrible weather seeing as you get four seasons in the one day. And now after  my visit, I can happily agree .I can now say with satisfaction that I do appreciate Queensland for its weather.

While in 'civilisation' (something I like to classify melbourne as) I purchased this shirt from the 'Ksubi' boutique. At first when I tried on this baby I wasn't to sure if I should purchase it, so I left the boutique without it and asked myself if I really needed it. And after numerous amounts of walking up and down chapel st I felt that it needed to be mine. I mean, the collar just seems to speak for itself. Wouldn't you agree?! Since the collar seems to make a statement to my outfitt I found wearing black pants and accessories would help compliment the shirt well. Then again, black just seems to be a safe colour for  any outfit hehehe. My watch and sandals were both from asos as well and my sunnies by le specs  named runaways.


  1. Believe it or not, I have a simmilar shirt and a smmilar pair of shoes - just with heels.

  2. Melbourne is definitely full of miserable weather haha, but you look great here. Nice ksubi shirt :) now following xx