Wednesday, June 13, 2012


At last the semester has ended!.Today a friend and I decided to get- away from brisbane and clear our heads from all  the hustle and bustle of uni/ college.  And seeing that it was a nice sunny day we ventured down to the 'Gold Coast'. When we arrived we planned to have lunch on the beach,( first and LAST TIME ) I decided to pick up the latest issue of vogue. And is it just me or has delta (australian singer) looked more BEAUTIFUL then EVER?! her long blond hair, baby blue eyes and  white LV dress and yellow and black type just seems be a perfect combination for the july cover. Possibly another favourite cover for me this year.  Moving on. We had lunch on the beach and soaked up the sun the rest of the arvo which was AAAHHHHMMMAZZZZIIIINNNNNGGGGG! Although I didn't really neeed to work on my tan the warmth from the sun and the sensation of soft  sand between my toes was incredible. It was possibly the best way to UN-WIND. Well without further or do here is what I was wearing:

Jumper- Op Shop
Shirt- Black Friday
Jeans- LEVI's
Shoes , Bag & Watch- ASOS
Sunnies- Le Specs.

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