Monday, January 2, 2012

New year new beginnings !

     drawing utensils
             drawing yet to be finished

With a new year upon us everyone seem's to begin their exercise regime as well as thinking of what they could improve on this year that they didn't last. Like many, I have list of what new years resolutions that I plan to achieve.The list includes eating healthy, studying hard,getting drivers license, blogg more then 3 times a week and draw like C-RAZY!....... hopefully accomplish all. 

At the beginning of last year I made a bet with my dad that if I kept my new year resolution (being vegetarian meaning eating  no meat what so ever including chicken & fish) he would purchase me a nice BURBERRY trench for winter. With the year already past and being meat free I am glad to say that I stuck by it and am forever a vegetarian:)Early today while watching project runway I drew and thought I would share with you the outcome and shall hopefully finish it by the end of the week.

With it being the beginning of a new year and month a fresh start is just what I needed, therefore I decided to clean my room and with that came the hardest task to downsize my magazine collection. Most can classify me as a magazine HOARDER but seeing as I didnt have much room on my work table eliminating these forms of inspiration would just help do the trick.Counting the amount of 'grazia's'  in my collection the total came to a cost of  2  Jeffrey Campbell -LITA's  .....OMOGSH !!! and thats only 1/3 of my collection. 

 Any who,  although I may be a bit late witht the whole 'HAPPY NEWY YEAR' I hope you have a fantastic new year filled with happiness & fashion.

yours truly,
                    Boy with the BOW TIE! 


  1. omg that´s a lot of magazines!!!!!! but well they are addictive and inspiring! Hope to see soon that illustration you´re working on, already looks great.
    And about my post..or your comment better said.. yes illustrator is the best programm ever created!!!!!! hahah well not that much but i love it <3