Friday, January 13, 2012


Dont you just hate that feeling when really want something (ie: clothes, sunnies or shoes) and soon as you try them on it just doesn't suit you?!! Well , that feeling happened to me. As I was  trying on the 'skeleton' sunnies by ksubi  my whole world came crashing DOOOOOOWwwwwwn  as soon as I looked in the mirror a section of my heart just stopped. I even tried them on 4 times just to see if I had them on the right way and sadly I did. Therefore no skeleton sunnies were purchased that day. *TEAR* 

 Anywho, so I set off by  foot looking for  some replacement sunnies and stumbled across these babies. At first I wasn't 100% in love but then as time was ticking away I went with my gut and purchased them.With my new sunnies I was off to GOMA to view the drawings by MATISSE, which was then followed by a quiet lunch in south bank with my remix mag.Hope your week wasn't as odd as mine.

yours truly,
                     the boy with the BOWTIE!

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