Sunday, June 19, 2011

- Technology -

With technology advancing every second  I was amazed with the many things that I could do with just a press of a button. 

After scrolling down my Facebook wall checking updates I stumbled across the 'Burberry' Facebook page which  said' Men Spring 2012  Fashion Show LIVE!.....reading this i clicked on the link taking me directly to the fashion show . Although it had not yet started I was amazed how I was able to be apart of the show in a matter of seconds.

With Christopher Bailey having used digital print and Parkas, coats, and jackets were revamped with raffia trim or crocheted, beaded collars, almost as though some nimble-fingered hippie mum had got it into her head to customize her son's outerwear, in the process giving old favorites a new personality.Although I didn't  a enjoy a majority of this collection I was however blown away with the shoes the models wore and a couple of the aztec sweaters. Bailey definitely show's embellishment isn't just for the girls . 

embelishment is DEVINE!!!!!


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